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Senior Youth: Endured

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Paul endured through all sorts of hard times when following Jesus. This teaching session on Paul explores his inspiring endurance and will help young people to understand that our hard times can be an opportunity to demonstrate God's grace.
You will need: 'Paul's suffering' verses, Bibles,... See more

Senior Youth: Writer

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Paul sent letters to help churches and individuals continue growing in their faith in Jesus and in their understanding of how to live as his followers. We too can grow in these matters and Paul’s letters continue to help us today. This interactive and engaging teaching session gives a good... See more

Senior Youth: Topics Ticker – Stories, People, Places and Miracles

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

Ever asked your youth group what topics they'd like to cover and just been met with a big silence... because they just don't have any ideas?
Help them figure it out with this ‘Topics Ticker’ by the Nelson Youth Unit. Invite your youth to tick the boxes of the stories, people, places... See more