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Safety: Permission Forms

Make sure you cover all your bases with a general permission form for your youth programmes. We've got a sample form that you can easily adapt to your own needs. This will enable you to also collect the relevant personal details, such as emergency contact details, and any relevant medical or... See more

Recommended Resources: Common Sense Media

Not sure if that movie is suitable for your next youth event? Common Sense Media is a great tool for honest reviews on current movies (including the perspectives of parents and young people) that cover issues like content, themes and language. There are also reviews of games and apps, tips for... See more

Safety: Communicating with Parents and Caregivers

Contributed by: 'Keeping Them Safe', Diocese of Christchurch

Keeping in regular communication with the parents and caregivers of the young people that participate in your youth programme is a must. Regular emails, sending out detailed term planners, a facebook group, your church website, conversations at church or before/after your youth gatherings are... See more

Community Builders: Talk Sparkers about Family

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Choose from these questions and sentence completions to get young people talking about their family.

  • What do you like best about your family?

  • Finish this sentence: "One thing I wish my parents knew (or understood) about me is..." How can you help your parents... See more