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Teaching Games: Christmas Pictionary

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Teams gather round a table with 10 pieces of paper each.
In turn, a person from each team is shown one of the Christmas phrases below (or make up others) and has to draw it while the rest of their team try and guess what the phrase is.
With larger groups use two whiteboards back to back... See more

All play: Rapido

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Rapido is like Pictionary but with playdough (or Cranium's Sculpturades). Bring along to youth group some (bought or home–made) playdough - about an ice-cream container full is good. Split the group into two teams who will compete to be the fastest to complete each of 7-10 rounds. Give each team... See more

All play: Jesus Actionary

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Explain that this game involves miming to your team things that Jesus did in his time on earth - just like charades. There will be 10 rounds in which your team tries to guess the answer before the other teams.
Use the red Jesus cards (gifted to participants at The Abbey 2017) or print your own... See more