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Senior Youth: Topics Ticker – Stories, People, Places and Miracles

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

Ever asked your youth group what topics they'd like to cover and just been met with a big silence... because they just don't have any ideas?
Help them figure it out with this ‘Topics Ticker’ by the Nelson Youth Unit. Invite your youth to tick the boxes of the stories, people, places... See more

Talks: Topics Ticker – Topical Talks

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

Not sure what topics to cover this year?
Give your youth group the choice!
Just handout these 'Topics Ticker' which have been put together by the Nelson Youth Unit. Your youth just tick the boxes of the 15 topics they would most like to discuss at youth group.
There are two 'Topics... See more

Developing Leaders: Youth Leadership Team Building

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

It's great to get together with your youth ministry team at the beginning of the year.  Gather for an evening, an afternoon, a day or even get away overnight to team build, to pray and to plan the first term (or the whole year).
Here are some exercises you can use to help build and bond your... See more

How To: Planning events with purpose

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Whether you're planning a special youth event, service or camp, here's a step by step guide that will help your event run smoothly and take your youth to the next level.
1. Prayer
Prayer is an essential part of the planning process. It's easy to forget to take time to pray when we're... See more

How To: Sample Youth Group Programme

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

  1. Atmospherics: Set up the room well before young people arrive.

  2. Check-Ins: Have a fun activity that gives everyone a chance to say their name and/or share something interesting. (See Community Builders)

  3. Run a game (model positive interactions,... See more

Jobs and Employment: Advertising for a Youth Minister

Looking for a youth minister? Or trying to find out what positions are available around NZ? Here's where to go and who to contact within the Anglican Church and beyond.
Anglican Church
Church vacancies are listed on under each Diocese.
To contact a Diocese... See more

Safety: Risk Management Plan for Youth Group Outings

An easy to use template to use when planning your next youth group outing, whether you're just heading out for the night, or away for a camp. Plus a handy checklist to make sure nothing important gets overlooked!
Risk Management Plan for Youth Group Outings (PDF, 37KB)
Risk Management Plan... See more

How To: How to start a youth group

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

10 Tips on starting a youth group. These are not hard and fast rules, but this is the approach that the Diocese of Christchurch found worked well when they started 11 youth groups.
1. Have your "five loaves and two fish"
Just as Jesus needed “five loaves and two fish” to start with... See more