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How To: Saying thanks

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

The end of the year is a great opportunity to say thank you to your leaders for all they have done throughout the year.
Here are some ways to say a big 'thank you' and to help them know how much they are appreciated:

Team games: Tallest Tower

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

Split youth into teams and give them the same pre-prepared bundle of objects - such as newspapers, paper cups, toothpicks, straws, tape (choose some random and funny objects too).  Their aim is to build the tallest ‘tower’ in a set time limit with whatever objects you have given them. Make... See more

Community Builders: Body Parts

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Ask your group, "If you were a part of the body, which part would you be and why?"
Hand out sheets of newspaper or A3 paper, and scissors. Invite them to cut out the shape of their chosen body part from the paper. Then get them to share it with the group, explaining what part they are and... See more

Team games: Lolly Scramble

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Lolly Scramble is a fun way to quickly get your youth to form teams for games or group activities. 
Bring a few distinctly different types of wrapped sweets (e.g. Minties, Éclairs, Fruit Bursts etc...) and have a lolly scramble. But tell them they can only grab one kind of... See more

Developing Leaders: Youth Leadership Team Building

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

It's great to get together with your youth ministry team at the beginning of the year.  Gather for an evening, an afternoon, a day or even get away overnight to team build, to pray and to plan the first term (or the whole year).
Here are some exercises you can use to help build and bond your... See more

Community Builders: Warm Fuzzies

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Hand round a piece of paper with your name at the top and invite everyone to write a positive quality about you before passing it on to the next person.
Or for a twist on this classic activity, get one person to stand in front of a blank whiteboard. Give everyone else whiteboard markers, and... See more

Team games: Back to back

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Start out with two people sitting back to back. They have to stand straight up without using their hands.
Add one person every time they stand up successfully. The students will be amazed at how it works! See more