The Faith Project: Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to begin your own Faith Project? Then let’s get started!

First of all, you need to be in your teenage years and ready to take on a two year commitment.

If that sounds like you, then download and complete The Faith Project enrolment form. You will need to get your Vicar/minister, your mentor and a parent/caregiver to fill in their sections too. Email your completed enrolment form to (Enable Javascript to see the email address).

Get in touch with your Diocesan Youth Co-ordinator/Facilitator to get yourself a copy of ‘The Faith Project: Mentee Guide’. (Your mentor can download a copy of the Mentors Guide here.)

Once your enrolment has been approved, you can start at any time.

To complete each Mark, you will:

  • Work in partnership with your church who will provide a mentor and support you in completing your projects.
  • Meet regularly with your mentor who is there to help guide you, encourage you and help you plan and find projects and opportunities to complete the Marks.
  • Attend any appropriate camps and training days run by your diocese – contact your Diocesan Youth Co-ordinator/Facilitator for information.
  • Complete the projects as set out in the book.
  • Come up with a plan for how you can work on more than one project at any one time. Use the worksheet in your book.
  • Ask your mentor or leaders to sign off projects as you complete them.

To complete The Faith Project:

  • At the completion of all five Marks, your signed notebook needs to be viewed by your Diocesan Youth Co-ordinator/Facilitator.
  • When all five Marks are completed and assessed to be satisfactory, you will be recommended for a Bishop’s Award.
  • The recommended length of time to complete The Faith Project is two years, but this is negotiable.

Enjoy the challenge!