Checklists: Support for Youth Leaders

Contributed by: ABC Guide to Safety

Good support for youth leaders ensures a safe environment for everyone. It also helps leaders enjoy what they are doing and grow in the process rather than burning out. Here’s a checklist of things to put in place to ensure your youth leaders can thrive.

  • Pray together as a team, for each other and your youth ministry. Suggest to your leaders that they find someone outside of the team to specifically pray for them.
  • Apply agreed procedures for ensuring safety for young people to all people who work with them in the name of the church.
  • Write job descriptions, or expectations and boundaries for all youth leaders, whether volunteer or employed. Have each leader sign these.
  • Hold regular leadership meetings which include some debriefing of activities (including assessing and removing risks) and accountability systems.
  • Ensure anyone who is doing in-depth pastoral care is getting professional supervision.
  • Provide adequate, ongoing training for all volunteers and paid staff.