How To: Youth Safety – Training Video

Contributed by: Chris Casey, Diocese of Wellington

A fun and engaging way to cover many basic safety issues with your youth leadership team. Include it in a full safety training session or just spend 20 minutes on it over the next few leaders meetings.

How to use this video:

  1. Play the video, asking leaders to spot the safety issues within (there are 13).
  2. Have cards with everyone’s name on and select one at random
  3. The person whose name is drawn has a turn naming one issue they spotted in the video.
  4. Give them a chance to explain what they know about it.
  5. Then briefly add anything important as needed. Prepare by reading up on that issue from your Diocesan safety manual beforehand.
  6. Then draw another card and continue as above. But if anyone names an issue already discussed – burn them!


  • Using cards is an educational tool that keeps the ‘class’ engaged and listening.
  • If you are using this as part of a full-blown workshop, take as much time as you need. If it’s part of a regular leaders meeting, restrict this segment to 20-25 minutes and use it over several meetings till all 13 issues have been covered.
  • The 13 issues are: police checks, alcohol and other drugs, parental consent, leader/youth relationships, First Aid, Diocesan Safety Code, ratios, being alone with young people/personal safety, car issues (WOF, license etc…), R.A.M.s, appropriate touch, smoking, abuse.
  • The following Diocesan Safety Resources are available online. Please contact your diocese for further resources: