Fighting Fear – Soul Talk

1 in 4 New Zealanders suffer with anxiety. While small amounts of anxiety can provide us with necessary motivation, too much fear for too long can have a devastating impact on our mental/emotional health and physical bodies. In this episode of Soul Talk, Belinda Stott explains what anxiety is and how to keep it under control.

Soul Talk is a young adults resource to help groups to go deeper with each other and grow in their understanding of several important mental/emotional health topics. It tackles some of the big issues that are tragically affecting our society today – issues like anxiety, depression and burn out. Created by the legends behind Soul Tour, Matt and Belinda Stott, it is truly kiwi and best of all, it’s free.

Based on David J. Riddell’s ‘Living Wisdom’ material, each episode of Soul Talk begins with an introduction to the topic by counsellor and author Belinda Stott. Three individuals share their personal journey with the issue at hand, then Belinda shares practical tips and insights on how to find healing and support others in need. The resource also includes group discussion questions and space for personal sharing.