Recommended Resources: Student’s Guide to the Bible

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, National Youth Advisor

This is one of Phil Trotter’sstudentsguidetothebible favourite resources! He highly recommends that every youth group has a copy of the Student’s Guide to the Bible.

It’s a great resource just to have lying around the youth room. Because of its magazine style format– young people will pick it up and read it.

The first half is an A-Z of relevant topics for young people (everything from Angels and Anger to Worship and Youth), under which it has Bible passages that relate to that topic.

There are some ‘words of wisdom’ splattered throughout this section, but what is really great is that:

  • most of the text is straight from the Bible, and
  • it doesn’t try and tell you what the Bible says, but simply puts the passages before you to read for yourself.

The second section summarises each book in the Bible in a 2-page, illustrated, easy-to-read magazine style layout.

Student’s Guide to the Bible is available via Amazon here