Recommended Resources: Top 5 Youth Ministry Websites

Here’s our top 5 places on the web for youth ministry! At each of these sites you’ll find plenty of quality, free youth ministry resources, ideas and inspiration.

The Source

This is the site that inspired RESOURCED! Best adjective: abundance! With thousands of resources, it may take time to find what you’re looking for – but there is a very good chance you will find it! And it can spark plenty of good ideas en route. Our favourites are the Movie Clip Discussions, and you’ll especially love the whole Free Resources and Ideas section. It’s hard to miss the US context but definitely worth a visit and still the (second) best go-to youth ministry website for kiwis.

YouthTrain (NZ)

A stellar kiwi site managed by youth ministry guru Murray Brown. Features of the site are Murray’s very practical wisdom (see his blog) and the fullest and most up to date list of youth ministry job opportunities in NZ. Murray also has a great eye for relevant articles and news stories about young people (look for them in the most recent enewsletter under News). YouthTrain produce a wealth of Resources and Training Modules which are all listed on the site. They come with a price tag but it is value for money. The content can load slowly and the search engine is limited, but the content is top shelf.


One of the real pearls of this site is how well it addresses the contemporary context in which we are called to share the Gospel. If you like the words Relevant, Engaging, Connecting, Respecting – this site delivers.

Best place to start for ready-to-use talks with young people is the Soul Fuel section.  If you’re a youth leader needing encouragement or motivation, track to the Energise section. There’s some excellent material under Worldviews for succinct and practical outlines of different religions and how to understand and share the Gospel respectfully into those (this is an increasingly important skill as our youth groups fill with multiple worldviews.)  Those three sections will almost certainly give you something you can use.

If you’re a paid Youth Minister and you just want one website to help you reflect on your practice – this is hard to beat. Good quality control means discerning material selections and a search engine that gives just a handful of quality options first up, so you’re not overwhelmed. Great intelligent articles on youth ministry under Coaching, including a section devoted to looking after Volunteers, and a top Videos section that includes Clips That Teach that you’ll just love and want to make room for at your very next youth night!

Presbyterian Youth Ministry (NZ)

Our Presbyterian friends have a top man managing this website in Gordon Fitch, their National Youth Ministry Coordinator. We especially recommend their Practical Youth Ministry Advice and Tech blog and their social media and IT stuff generally, like the innovative kiwieaster. You’ll also find some youth ministry gems like Funding Sources and Research.