Bible Engagement: Hook, Look, Book, Took

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Doing talks using the Hook, Look, Book, Took approach.

‘Talks’, ‘God-spots’, ‘devotions’, ‘up-fronts’ – whatever you call it, youth leaders often feel nervous about doing Christian input well on your main youth group night.

The ‘Hook, Look, Book, Took’ model is a pretty fail-safe approach that will engage young people and show them a God who is relevant, interesting and interested in them.


Use something from the young people’s world that they already relate to: e.g. music videos, movie clips, stories or current events. Choose something that you can draw a Christian theme from.


Take a close look at the lyric, script, text etc…. Highlight things that relate to a passage in the Bible, to Biblical teaching and/or Jesus;


Look up the relevant scripture(s). Read it aloud once or twice, or have young people read it. Show how it connects with the hook;


Discuss the “how then shall we live” point i.e. the practical thing young people can take away from the talk.


Here’s an example of this method using Linkin Park’s Song: What I’ve Done as the “Hook” .

Look: the song is about admitting guilt and asking for forgiveness – “Let mercy come.”.

Book: This lyric echoes Psalm 51 and the story of the Lost Son in Luke 15.

Took: Even if you think you’ve done bad things – God will forgive us when we confess and ask for ‘mercy to come’, because of his great love.

See the full study outline here. For another example, see Man of Steel Mirrors Jesus.

You can download a PDF version of this training resource here. Feel free to print and hand out these notes to your youth leaders.