Bible Engagement: Swedish Symbol Method

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

biblereadingmethodsSThe Swedish Symbol Method is a straightforward Bible reading method with three helpful symbols to help you get into the passage.

Start by choosing a passage – this method is most suited to the teachings of Jesus and sections of the Epistles.

Read the passage, then use the following three symbols to help you study the text.


Light bulb

“This is something I never realised before” 

This should be something that ‘shines’ from the passage—whatever strikes you the most or catches your attention.


Question mark

“I do not understand this word/phrase/verse”

Write any questions you have about the passage



“This speaks to me personally”

Write down anything which convicts or challenges you or something you would like to remember

Note down the verse and your comments for each symbol on the worksheet. You can download and print the Swedish Symbols Worksheet here.

Using this method with a group: If you are doing this in a group, you can then come together and share your comments on each symbol. The leader should study the text beforehand in order to be prepared to answer the group’s questions.

Feel free to print and hand out these notes and Swedish Symbols Worksheet to your youth group or leaders.