Mentoring & Discipleship: Mentoring for Discipleship

Questions you can use in a mentoring relationship, where the focus is on discipleship.

SONY DSCDeveloping a Personal Faith

  • What do you love about God?
  • What is your faith?
  • What are your core beliefs about God?
  • Why Christianity?
  • Why Anglican?
  • Tell me about your prayer life…
  • How would you describe your relationship with Jesus?

Developing an Integrated Faith

  • What teaching/theology do you struggle with?
  • Is your faith more like the salt or the side-salad in your life?
  • What decisions have you made recently based entirely on your faith?
  • What spiritual rhythms/disciplines are you practising? (Read Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster)
  • How are your thoughts/world-view being renewed?
  • What triggers compassion in you?
  • What hard time have you let God walk with you through?
  • What unlovable person have you ‘loved” recently?
  • Where have you seen ‘fruit’ (some positive outcome from your life and ministry – especially for another) most recently?

You can download a PDF version of this training resource here. Feel free to print and hand out these notes to your youth leaders.