Developing Leaders: Mentoring for Leadership/Ministry Development

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Questions you can use in a mentoring relationship, where the focus is on leadership and/or ministry development.


  1. What is the strength of your ministry at the moment? Where would you like to see growth?
  2. How are you keeping God’s purposes at No.1?
  3. How has your pastoral love and concern for young people shown itself recently?
  4. Tell me about a recent opportunity you’ve taken to teach others about Christ?
  5. Do you have opportunities to show concern for those on the margins of your community?
  6. What is your big picture goal for your ministry?


  1. What has been the most satisfying ministry experience in the last month? (i.e. when did you last feel “That went well!”)
  2. In what ways are you working outside your area of gifting/strengths? (When did you last feel “This is just not me!”) Are you able to delegate (or train) someone else in this area?
  3. What are your current training needs (where do you sense a gap in your ministry)?
  4. Tell me about a situation where you showed real strength of character.
  5. Do any of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5) present a particular challenge for you?
  6. Tell me about a situation where someone or something pushed your buttons or struck a raw nerve.


  1. What is your greatest challenge/struggle?How can you meet it/move forward?
  2. How heavily do the expectations of others weigh on you?
  3. Where are you meeting opposition?
    • How does that feel?
    • How can you positively manage this?
  4. How is your time management/goal-setting/prioritising?
  5. How do you manage the unrealistic demands of ministry (e.g. that there’s always more you can do)?


  1. What sustains you?
  2. How are things with you and God? How have you been nurturing that relationship?
  3. What is your most effective way to unwind/process tension? Does it need improving?
  4. Are you regularly allowing time for reflection/visioning planning (big picture stuff)?
  5. In what ways are you managing your need for:
    • Friendship?
    • Intellectual stimulation?
    • Intimacy?
    • Fun?


What leadership development goal are you working toward (or would like to set for yourself)?

Developed by Phil Trotter with reference to John Mallison, ‘Mentoring to Develop Disciples & Leaders’

You can download a PDF version of this training resource here. Feel free to print and hand out these notes to your youth leaders.