How To: The Sacred Seven of Youth Work

Contributed by: Diocese of Wellington Youth Staff

SacredSevenSWhat are the key elements of a youth group? The team of youth staff in Wellington have identified these seven practices as being integral to youth ministry in their diocese.

  1. Tribal Identity: Ensure you have a group culture and that everyone knows they are part of your group.
  2. Small Group Belonging: Every young person will be part of a smaller group with a leader assigned to that group.
  3. Journey with Jesus: Jesus is at the centre and is the reason you do this youth group – he must be part of it!
  4. Neighbourhood Facing: This group is about inviting and engaging with young people around your community.
  5. Leadership Formation: Develop your key young people to be able to take over – work yourself out of a job!
  6. Lean In Together: We are part of the Diocese. Involve yourself in the big events and networks.
  7. Be Conscious Of The LAST, LOST, LEAST: Your ministry should take into account the Last, Lost, Least in our communities. We should be caring for these people also.

Download a PDF version of ‘The Sacred Seven of Youth Work’ here