The Abbey Workshops

The Abbey has an incredible range of workshops on offer throughout the weekend, with streams delving deeper into this year’s theme, “Unwavering Hope”.

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* Workshops will be filmed

Workshops I: Leadership – Saturday 10.50am

Bishop Justin (Bishop of Wellington) / UPPER ROOM
Leadership equals ‘building a team’ Christian leaders were never meant to be one-person super-heroes. Hear Bishop Justin’s take on building teams, delegation, empowering and getting the best out of others.  

Bishop Victoria (Bishop of Christchurch)  / FIRESIDE
Resilience: surviving the knocks Dealing with facing the inevitable tough times that come with leadership and ministry (including dealing with ‘friendly fire’ such as criticism from your own church leaders/parents).

Lisa Spriggens (Laidlaw College) / ELM 7
Caring for our own well-being as a leader

Neville Bartley (Scripture Union)/ FOUNDERS
A leader worth following: Leading from within Being like Christ, and leading others in Hope, Grace, and Love. People don’t just follow a dream they follow a person, who that person is, what they stand for, and how they live that out. To be that kind of leader you first need to learn to lead yourself. If you can’t be committed to your own spiritual growth or to following Christ totally, then why would others follow you? Come and learn the disciplines involved in making you a leader worth following, a leader who leads and lives from a place of Love, Grace and Hope. Be a leader who makes decisions about your own walk and then carries through with it. Be a leader like Christ.

Andy Spence  / REDWOOD 1
Maximising your precious time There is always more than could be done in youth ministry – so learn how to look after yourself and optimise your mahi through skilful organisation!

Steve Maina (NZCMS) / REDWOOD 2
A leader after God’s own heart Steve Maina came from Kenya six years ago to lead the Church Missionary Society here in New Zealand – a great example of ‘reverse mission’. In this workshop, Steve will explore the heart of a leader from the story of David in the Scriptures; David whose failings were huge, and not hidden in the Bible, yet God was still able to call him ‘A man after my own heart’.

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Workshops II: Young people – Saturday 11.45am

Bishop Justin (Bishop of Wellington) / UPPER ROOM
Nurturing Passion in Young People

Zac Young and Jesse Duckworth / FIRESIDE
Transitions – How to get From School to Uni or Work without Losing your Faith

Lisa Spriggens (Laidlaw College) / ELM 7
Holding Hope: Supporting Young People towards mental well-being

Neville Bartley (Scripture Union)/ FOUNDERS
Working with the changing face of Intermediates, the gateway to faith

Jeremy Woods (Bible Society)  / REDWOOD 1
What stops young people coming to know God? Many young people are guilt-ridden about their spiritual life and fundamentally believe God does not like them or is disappointed in them. How do we move young people from feeling they should, to wanting to pray and read the Bible etc. and discovering that God enjoys us and wants to spend time with us.

Rev. Dr. Franco Vacarrino (Disability Working Group ACANZP)  / REDWOOD 2
Young People with Disability Dr. Franco is the Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Communication at Massey University and chairs the Disability Working Group in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. This workshop will address disability issues for young people within the church, how people with disabilities can be integrated into the church so that they can have a sense of belonging within the Body of Christ.

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Workshops III: Community – Saturday 4pm

Duane Major / UPPER ROOM
Chasing Transformation Conversations with Duane around the enduring picture of the kingdom that drives his life and a way of looking at community engagement that starts with what God is already doing there, and drills down on the incarnational, the prayerful and the relational.

Kirstin Cant / FIRESIDE
Getting Real about God’s Messy World: Drawing young people into the Global Story Are the only responses to suffering in the world, apathy or soul-crushing helplessness!? Engaging in God’s Mission doesn’t have easy answers. Join a conversation on the challenges of raising young people with a global perspective, without them becoming overwhelmed.

Murray Sheard (Tear Fund) / ELM 7
Live a Meaningful Life: Help Youth Discover Hope, Meaning, and Service Living a meaningful life makes us well. Lack of meaning makes us sick. How can we help young people to awaken to the possibilities of a life filled with hope and lived for others and the kingdom of God? How can they craft a life that is both rewarding for them and connected to the world’s needs? It’s much easier to change a person’s values towards a life of service at aged 16 than 36. We’ll look at how this works and examine some tools for the journey.

Eugene Fuimaono (Scripture Union)/ FOUNDERS
A biblical approach to the Treaty of Waitangi Why Te Tiriti o Waitangi matters to us as Kiwi’s, as Christians and as Anglicans.

Jenny Duckworth  / REDWOOD 1
Live A Different Story: Creating missional community households that can bless the neighbourhood, disciple young adults, save resources and create the best times of our young adult lives! Hear from people who have set up households of youth workers around their city and from some of the young adults who have loved living in them. If you have ever wondered: What is the difference between a community household and a Christian flat? Is there an alternative that is as much a good time as a student hostel experience? Is there a way to study or work, be engaged in ministry and still have a social life? Is there a way to leave home and still have a family vibe? Is it true that all community households always get along together? Is it true that a community household needs a missional focus to be healthy? Is there a good way to set up a missional community household?

Emily Spence / REDWOOD 2
Live A Different Story: Care of creation

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Workshops IV: Discipleship – Sunday 9.35am

Jeremy Woods (Bible Society) / UPPER ROOM
Hearing God in Scripture An interactive workshop looking at practices such as Lectio Divina, Ignatian gospel reflection, praying the Scriptures, journaling, giving people words, plus ideas from the book Sacred Pathways, about discovering and understanding the different ways that people can connect with God.

Karen Spoelstra / FIRESIDE
“Put down the Ducky” – Christian discipleship in a Consumer Culture Helping young people build up resistance to our consumerist culture; setting aside old habits for a more ethical take on buying and spending.

Roshan Allpress (Laidlaw College) / ELM 7
The Bible in Under 45 minutes: Finding hope in the Biblical story If we are honest, the Bible is a very strange book. God has chosen to tell us how he is redeeming the world through the complex and sometimes bizarre journey of relatively small and apparently insignificant groups of people. Throughout we find these people in dungeons, on dark mountaintops, sitting on piles of rubble, asking, “where is Hope?” Until near the very end, every climax and triumph only seems to worsen the problem, as God’s people fail repeatedly. This workshop tells the story of the Bible through the lens of hope – showing how the unexpected and seemingly random twists of the story draw us into a coherent and compelling picture of the world that centres on Jesus.

Andrew Burges (Bishopdale Theological College)/ FOUNDERS
Curating Worship that has space for both Lament and Hope for Young People The songbook of the people of God, the Book of Psalms, contains 60 ‘laments’ – songs of mourning, questioning and pain. Yet common church music today would suggest that the Psalms were all ‘songs of praise’. This workshop will explore developing worship that reflects the pattern of Psalms and acknowledges the struggles that typical teens carry and go through.

Stephen Garner (Laidlaw College)  / REDWOOD 1
Practices of Hope for daily life What does waiting for Jesus’ return look like in our everyday life? And what impact does that hope have for us in the present? This workshop unpacks the shared hope we have in Christ; engages with some of the confusing apocalyptic parts of the Bible; and looks at the impact of popular culture on our understanding of Christian hope.

Diana Langdon (National Children’s Enabler, Tikanga Pakeha) / REDWOOD 2
Working with Families Partnering with parents to help nurture faith in the home.

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