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Do your youth ministry well

Just as you can draw life-giving, refreshing water from a well, Youth Ministry Well offers refreshment that will deepen your youth ministry and strengthen your faith in God. Designed as a youth leader‘s companion, each chapter is written as a Well that you can visit several times, to draw wisdom and encouragement from – for yourself and for your youth ministry practice.

Each Well has a theme or ‘underlying stream’ in which Phil Trotter identifies a key aspect for youth ministry. At each visit you are invited to pray, journal or reflect, as you draw from Phil’s experience, from God’s Word and from wider sources. Dwell as long as you like, and draw as much or as deeply as you need to at each Well.

This is not a book to be finished, but a companion to be taken with you: to refresh, encourage and sustain you for your ministry, that you may do Youth Ministry Well.

About Phil Trotter

After a troubled childhood, Phil’s life was transformed when he met some ‘crazy’ Christians and became part of a church youth group. In young adulthood, Phil was called to a vocation in youth ministry and now has over 30 years leadership experience in local, regional and national youth ministry roles. Phil has worked for Methodist, Baptist and Anglican churches, which always included engagement with a number of schools and community organisations. He has continued to study in the fields of Education, Youth Work and Theology over those years. Throughout this time he has remained a volunteer youth leader, teacher and mentor in his local church and community. Recognised for his strategic thinking and pastoral heart, Phil has been a significant encouragement and guide to countless youth ministry leaders for many years.

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Supplementary resources

Youth Ministry Well enlists wider media to develop the themes explored in the book. You can easily access these via the links below. Youtube clips can also be found in the Youth Ministry Well playlist

Well 1
The Mountain Top
Well 2
Well 5
Do you trust me?
Well 6
Reading Glasses
Well 7
Meeting Jesus
Well 8
Christianity is a Team Sport
Well 9
The Five Ages of Youth Ministry