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Latest Resources


Social Events: Family Photos

This photo challenge will get your group working together and thinking creatively! Based around song titles and sayings, this is a great intergenerational activity - perfect for a church camp (but it works equally well with a youth group). Print... See more

Community Builders: Spinner Questions

These engaging sets of icebreaker questions have been designed to be used with our Resourced! spinner... which is being gifted to everyone attending the Abbey 2016!
Simply print off the sets of questions below and use with the provided Numbers... See more

Developing Leaders: Take The Lead

Do you want to turn the leadership potential you see in your teenagers into reality?
Are you keen to help your existing young leaders grow and mature in their leadership roles?
Are you looking for leadership training that is straightforward,... See more

Recommended Resources: Student’s Guide to the Bible

This is one of Phil Trotter's favourite resources! He highly recommends that every youth group has a copy of the Student's Guide to the Bible.
It’s a great resource just to have lying around the youth room. Because of its magazine style... See more

Team games: Swiss Ball Tennis

Create a mock tennis court inside a hall or use a court outside and play team tennis... with a giant ‘Swiss’ ball!
It is heaps of fun. You can add 2 balls for even more carnage.
Also works with volleyball, soccer and rugby. See more

Studies: Genesis to Jesus 2: In the beginning

"In the Beginning" is the second in this series which explores the key people, stories and themes of the Old Testament, and how they point the way to Jesus.
Introduction: Story Time
Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be looking at... See more

Studies: Genesis to Jesus 1: Introduction

This is the first in a series exploring the key people and stories of the Old Testament, and how they point the way to Jesus. The aim of this session is to introduce the topic and help get your group familiar with the books of the Old... See more