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Team games: Iron Stomach

For this relay game, teams line up at point A. At point B is a table with items of food set up for each player. Players run, eat an item, and then run back to tag another player. First team finished wins. Items can be nice... or not so nice! See more

Developing Leaders: Seven Pathways to God

A series of exercises to help young leaders and older teens to explore different ways of engaging and connecting with God.
God has made us all uniquely. Therefore, the way we draw close to and connect with God will be different for each of us... See more

Junior Youth: Family Feud

Explore the power of forgiveness in this third study on Joseph's Story.
family feud
Play a game of Family Feud (optional)
If you played Family Feud, explain that Joseph’s own ‘family feud’ is at... See more

Team games: Human Board Game

Using masking tape, old boxes and paper, set up a human board game on the floor with humans as pieces. Base it on Trivial pursuit, Ludo, chess, Monopoly (using local street names), or you can make up your own crazy game! See more

Junior Youth: Light of the World

'Light of the World' is the second session in a teaching series called ‘Light/Dark’. Throughout this series, your youth will discover more about Jesus as the Light of the World, his victory over darkness on the cross, and the transforming... See more

Talks: Love Your Neighbour

A message on Jesus' command to “love your neighbour as you love yourself", based around a reflection on the video, "The DNA Journey".
Depending on how easy it might be to engage your group, either start with the pop quiz introduction... See more

Senior Youth: God in the Ups and Downs

When we are in the thick of difficult situations, it can be hard to see what God is doing. Often it’s not until later on that we are able to step back and see the bigger picture. Then we are able to recognise how God has been at work in us... See more

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