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All play: Rock Paper Scissors

Play a group challenge of 'Rock Paper Scissors' where everyone plays. Give each person 9 wrapped lollies (lives). They must challenge someone to a game, best out of 5. If they win, they get to take one of the other persons ‘lives’. If they... See more

Community Builders: Jesus and Me

A discussion starter for small groups, helping young people share what Jesus means to them. Use the purple set of Jesus cards (gifted to everyone at The Abbey 2017) or make your own set with our free Jesus card printable.
Spread the cards face... See more

Team games: Pumpkin

Teams line up side by side at point A. At point B, mark out three concentric circles for each team. The outer circle is worth 25 points, the inner circle is worth 50 and the centre circle 100. Players have to bowl three pumpkins into the circle to... See more

Junior Youth: Changed by the Light

'Changed by the Light' is the fifth session in a teaching series called ‘Light/Dark’ looking at our identity in Christ. Throughout this series, your youth will discover more about Jesus as the Light of the World, his victory over darkness... See more

Active & Interactive Prayers: Knotted Up

Hand out pieces of string or rope to everyone.
Without naming names, think about if there is someone you need to forgive (it might help if you give some suggestions of situations to help them.) You might have someone in your family you need to... See more

Recommended Resources: Youth Ministry Well

About the Book  | About the Author  | Buy the Book  | Supplementary Resources
Do your youth ministry well
Just as you can draw life-giving, refreshing water from a well, Youth Ministry Well offers refreshment that will deepen your youth... See more

All play: Spoons of Glory

Set up a ring of spoons - one for each player minus one - on a table top. Youth sit around the table with their arms behind their backs. When the leader says the designated word, youth must lunge to grab a spoon. If they are successful, they stay... See more

Youth Ministry Well

Youth Ministry Well

One of RESOURCED!’s creators, Phil Trotter, has written a book for youth leaders, Youth Ministry Well.

Drawing on Phil’s 30 years in youth ministry, Scripture and wider sources, this book is like refreshing water for anyone in youth leadership. Designed as a youth leader‘s companion, each chapter is written as a Well that you can visit several times, to draw wisdom, encouragement and direction from – for yourself, for your team and for your youth ministry practice. It will deepen your ministry and strengthen your faith in God. Find out more