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Recommended Resources: Fighting Fear – Soul Talk

1 in 4 New Zealanders suffer with anxiety. While small amounts of anxiety can provide us with necessary motivation, too much fear for too long can have a devastating impact on our mental/emotional health and physical bodies. In this episode of Soul... See more

All play: Head Shoulders Knees Cup

Get all your youth into pairs and standing facing each other. Place a plastic cup on the floor in between each pair.
For each round, give a series of commands to your players: head, shoulders, knees, or cup. Players must touch whatever you call... See more

Recommended Resources: Beating Burnout – Soul Talk

Soul Talk is a young adults resource to help groups to go deeper with each other and grow in their understanding of several important mental/emotional health topics. It tackles some of the big issues that are tragically affecting our society today -... See more

All play: Sheep Rescue

Rescue the lost sheep! This simple team game is great to play as an introduction to a session on Psalm 23, The Good Shepherd or the parable of the Lost Sheep.
Put your group into two teams, and number them off. Teams line up and sit on each side... See more

Senior Youth: Obedience – David

Throughout David's life, he demonstrated some key attributes of following God - being chosen, trust, worship, obedience and repentance. This study looks at how David demonstrated this trust in God through obedience. It is the fifth in a series for... See more

Social Events: Newspaper Theme Night

Collect up a whole lot of old newspapers for a newspaper night! Add in a few simple supplies like scissors and tape, and you've got all you need for a youth group event that intermediates love.
Paper Fold
Choose a few volunteers to do this... See more

Recommended Resources: Faith and Belief in Aotearoa, New Zealand

A national research study has been completed, exploring attitudes towards religion, spirituality and Christianity in New Zealand. Commissioned by the Wilberforce Foundation, the research was undertaken during March and April 2018 and the full report... See more

Anglican Youth Ministry Qualification

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