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Recommended Resources: Top 5 Practical Books

These books are for youth leaders looking for practical youth ministry reads. All these books can be borrowed from the John Kinder Theological Library via their online catalogue: firstly, become a member, and then request the title(s) you want... See more

Social Events: Chocolate Party

A chocolate themed night aimed at junior youth, e.g. 11-13 year olds. This is perfect for around Easter, just substitute chocolate bars for Easter eggs and include a short Easter themed message. Warning: there may be chocolate overload by the end of... See more

Active & Interactive Prayers: Lord’s Prayer Stations

Jesus gave us the Lord's Prayer as as an example of how to pray. These six prayer stations with creative activities and printable posters will engage your youth with each part of the Lord's Prayer. It will help your youth go deeper than just... See more

All play: Egg Catcher

This classic egg catching competition is a great one for Easter!
Play in pairs. Each pair is given an egg that they must throw and catch between them without breaking.
Start 2 metres apart and with each successful throw, extend the distance... See more

Recommended Resources: Street Stories

Street Stories is a two-part series of DVD resources designed to build emotional resilience and empathy in intermediate age students. It is packed full of gritty street stories about real people who overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The... See more

Senior Youth: Seasons & Soul Food

This talk and small group discussion guide uses the process of bread-making to teach about spiritual practices and growing with Jesus the different seasons of life. You could use it as a follow on from the Bread of Life.
Note: If you don't... See more

Christmas & Easter: A Lenten Pathway

The Lenten season can be thought about as us accompanying Jesus on his journey to the cross, or as a pilgrimage of preparation for celebrating Easter. Making a physical pathway for Lent can help make a visual focus for this idea.
The idea is to... See more

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